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The Recruitment Company offers highly professional recruitment solutions tailored to your business needs.

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We offer a premium recruitment service in which we interview and conduct reference checks on every candidate we send to you.

We provide a detailed candidate profile which includes a candidate’s biographical background, personality summary and at least one reference check. This in-depth and thorough service means we are more than a ‘CV Supplier firm’, as our stringent interview process and reference checks ensures you only meet candidates that are worth your time and make a strong successful hire.

We are then able to further enhance the recruitment process for you by testing candidates on a vast array of skills. Some of these include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Spelling, Clerical and Typing. In addition, we can test an individual’s broad aptitude as well as numerical and literacy skills. This again empowers you to make the best possible hire for the position, having proof they have the required skills for the job.

Using Assessments in your hiring process ensures quality of hire and therefore improved productivity. Reduced turnover of staff is a cost saving and feeds into high performing teams and increased revenue.

We would love to meet you and discuss any recruitment needs we can assist with, please call one of us below:
Landline: +263 242 446 759 / 08677 174 233

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We strive to build strong and long lasting relationships with all our candidates. Our aim is to find you a job that you will thrive in, enjoy and find personally and financially rewarding. We will meet you in order to understand more about you as an individual, as well as what sort of job you are looking for.

The Assessment arm of our business can test you on a vast array of skills. Once we know your proficiency, we can then use this to further enhance your chances at getting you your dream job. However, should your skills be lower than anticipated, we can offer you training. These modules will improve your skills and again further your job opportunities.

Our Fees

Although we offer a more robust and in depth service, our fees match that of most of our competitors in the market.

15% of the Gross Annual Remuneration