Career Counselling

We offer a highly personalised service backed with leading psychometric tests, in order to help individuals
find the best career path to follow

Offering Guidance

We understand how easy it is to be disillusioned and overwhelmed in our modern society when it comes to deciding on a career.

Our aim is to find you a career that suits both your abilities as well as your personality. We want to find the career that will inspire, excite and reward you every day of your life. We differ from most Career Counselling consultants as we aim to get to know and understand you as an individual; what drives and motivates you? What are your life goals? What obstacles are standing in your way? What career will you excel in?

We use a bank of the most reputable psychometric tools on the market. These tests helps us understand your abilities, your strengths, your aspirations as well as your personality profile.


Here to help

Our two consultants are specialist Career Counselling Advisors. Carey-Ann Edwards is a leading Organisational Psychologist who has extensive Career Counselling experience. Shay Pio a qualified Psychometrist who worked as a Career Counsellor in London.

Together we have helped hundreds of students and adults find their purpose and direct their career goals. We use a range of psychometric tools and in-depth interviews to help students make informed decisions about a suitable tertiary education path.

Career Counselling Packages

Group / School

  • Psychometric Test – Strong Interest Inventory (1 hour)
  • Group feedback session (3 hours)
  • Interactive activities
  • Detailed 20 page report

Minimum 5 students & maximum 15 students per session


  • Psychometric Test – Strong Interest Inventory (1 hour)
  • Feedback consultation with the student and parent (1 hour)
  • Detailed 20 page report


  • Meeting with Career Consultant (1 hour)
  • Morrisby Test (1.5 hours)
  • Feedback Consultation (1.5 hour)
  • Detailed 20 page Morrisby Report.
  • Personalised Report with analysis as well as career recommendations.


  • Meeting with Career Consultant (1 hour)
  • Morrisby Test (4 hours)
  • Feedback Consultation (2 hours)
  • Detailed 40 page Report with in-depth analysis and career recommendations
  • Tertiary education advice
  • On-going support and advice from the Career Consultant
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