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The Recruitment Company offers a combination of both; psychological assessments and competency based skills testing. The assessments we offer are among some of the most reliable and valid in the world.

Psychological Assessments

What are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are psychological assessments which are scientifically designed to measure peoples’ abilities, personality and aptitude.

Why should they be used in selection and recruitment?

The assessments will save your company money

Psychometric assessments specifically predict how a person will perform in a job role. The employer is able to get an ‘inside’ glance at how the candidates will perform in the job role and can learn about various aspects of the candidate’s personality before they are hired; therefore preventing costly hires.

The assessments will enable you to make an objective hiring decision.

As well as this; the assessment results will allow the employer to objectively choose the best candidate for the job.
Personality assessments will ensure that the characteristics and traits of new recruits will complement the existing team and company culture.

Skills Testing

Skills testing refers to a persons’ ability with regard to specific skills. This ability is achieved through learning, for example: typing speed, Microsoft Office packages, the ability to use the internet or email etc.

Why Test you candidates before you hire them?

Prove that they have the skills they say they do!

The Recruitment Company offers a vast array of tests inclusive but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Packages
  • Basic Book-keeping
  • Secretarial

The Recruitment Company offers assessments for the following purposes:

Selection and Recruitment

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  • Personality
    • SHL – OPQ
    • Identity
  • Aptitude
    • SHL – Numerical
    • SHL – Verbal Reasoning
    • SHL – General Aptitude

Assess Training Needs

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  • Microsoft Excel
  • Customer Service

Career Counselling

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  • The Strong Interest Inventory
  • The Morrisby

Personal Growth

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  • Identity