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The Recruitment Company is run by two highly qualified professionals

Carey-Ann Edwards

Carey-Ann is an Intern Organisational Psychologist registered with the Zimbabwean Allied Health Practitioners Council. She is qualified to administer and provide feedback on psychological assessments and consult on Human Resources globally. She is also a Strong Interest Inventory Certified Practitioner.

Carey-Ann has a B.SocSc. Honours in Psychology from Rhodes University and a Masters in Occupational Psychology from the University of London.

Carey-Ann holds over four year experience being the HR Director for a leading Zimbabwean firm. This has enabled her to understand what is necessary in order to recruit strong talent into a company. She has used assessment tools in order to improve the quality of recruitment and therefore reduce staff turn over and build highly efficient teams. Carey-Ann has implemented performance management strategies within a firm as well as developing the leadership skills of the executive board. This broad skill set makes Carey-Ann an extension to any HR Department in order to help you assess, develop, train and recruit the strongest individuals.

Her areas of expertise include training and development, recruitment and selection and performance management.
Carey-Ann is an approachable, determined and a dependable character who strives to become a leader in her field.

Shay Pio

Shay is a qualified Psychometrist who holds over ten years’ experience in Recruitment and Assessment. Shay’s background saw her working for a leading Recruitment firm in London where she was responsible for the recruitment for some of the leading FMCG firms across the UK including investment banks, hedge-funds, fashion houses, art galleries and large charities. Shay held an impressive portfolio of clients all who came through word of mouth due to the integrity driven service she provided. Shay will endeavor to understand the intricacies of each company she works with, and in doing so is positioned to find the best possible hires to improve the talent pool of that organisation.

In addition, Shay was invited to assist with an array of company’s Graduate Recruitment Programmes, where she developed the screening process and was responsible for interviewing and selecting six graduates from over 1,200 applicants. This enabled Shay to offer premium Career Counselling advice to a broad spectrum of individuals: predominantly school and University leavers, but also to mid-level professionals and executives. Shay taps into the passions, drive and ability of the individual in order to provide personalised direction and advice for each individual.

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